Autotest: Now, With Sound Effects!

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Update April 9, 2008: Ken Collins has released a new version of the sound plugin with playlist support!

We’ve all been enjoying autotest, part of the ZenTest gem. If you’ve tricked out your kit, then you have plugins configured, so at minimum you’re red, green and growling. Now, things get really fun.

Watch a screencast of autotest running with sound effects

I’m stoked to announce the sound plugin for autotest. This simple chunk of code will fire off sounds for different events in autotest. I’ve provided a set of custom-made sounds, produced with my trusty Nord Modular synthesizer and fine-tuned for an optimal testing experience. You should be able to use these all day without annoying your neighbors too much.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Install mgp321

in OS X:

$ sudo port install mpg321

for Linux:

$ sudo apt-get install mpg321

2. Download and extract the plugin

The starter sound fx are in the zip file. Extract it in your home directory, it will create ~/autotest/sound.

static (86k)

3. Configure your ~/.autotest file:

require '~/autotest/sound/sound.rb'
Autotest::Sound.sound_path = "~/autotest/sound/sound_fx/"

Enjoy TDD with audio feedback!

I’ve been using this setup for several weeks now. I initially wrote it as a gag, but I have since found it to be incredibly useful. It’s nice know what your testing status via audio - you don’t have to switch windows or take your eyes off the code. I’ve even turned off Growl, I don’t need it any more. audio makes testing more fun. :)

If there are any problems or feedback, please post a comment here.

UPDATE: Plugin instructions and zip file updated, now with Windows support. Thanks, John and Jamie.

UPDATE #2: Fixed bad path in instructions and doc fixes in zip file. (thanks, Matt)